Ramona Henson
2022-2023 Youth Activities Ambassador

VFWA Headshots 2022

The Importance of Teaching Youth about Veterans’ Sacrifices

I am so very proud of all of you. Every one of our members has given part of their time to mentor a youth. You all have gone above and beyond to make this year work, and you have “ROCKED IT!”

Stop and think of what you have given from your heart this term. Really think about it – your time, your knowledge, your energy, your love. Now think about what our youth has received from you. They have received all of what you have given them and POWER. The POWER of knowledge!

American history is not being taught enough in our schools. Our youth need to know. They need to know the sacrifices that our men and women have gone through to help build this great nation for them. They need to know!

Invite your youth to your Post, make it a project with your VFW comrades. This weekend I spent at two different Posts in the state of Texas; at one of the Posts the stats listed below were posted. It’s a reminder and teaches about sacrifice given to our country. It’s American history that our youth need to know.


World War I (1917-1918) – Mobilized 4,355,000 – Wounded 204,002 – Killed in Action 116,516 – Missing in Action/Prisoner of War 3,350

World War II (1941-1945) – Mobilized 16,670,659 – Wounded 670,846 – KIA 405,399 – MIA/POW 73,119

Korea (950-1953) – Mobilized 5,764,153 – Wounded 92,134 – KIA 36,516 – MIA/POW 4,759

Vietnam (1960-1975 )– Mobilized 3,453,100 – Wounded 158,303 – KIA 58,209 – MIA/KIA 1,618

Persian Gulf War: Desert Storm/Desert Shield* (1990-1991) – Mobilized 550,000 – Wounded 849 – KIA 294 – MIA/POW -0-

Afghanistan (2001-2014) – Mobilized 100-000 – Wounded 18,675 – KIA 2,356 – MIA/POW -0-

Iraq War (2003-2011) – Mobilized 499,985 – Wounded 21,222 – KIA – 4,492 – MIA/POW 2




Our deadline is up for this term. Pat yourself on the back for all you have done.

Now REMEMBER! Keep working with our youth. Your work will be counted for the incoming term. Keep that history and dedication going to our Youth. God bless you, God bless our veterans, God bless our youth our future.




*The original post referred to “Desert Storm War.”