Nelda Clifton
2021-2022 National Veterans & Family Support Ambassador

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Utilizing Military Assistance Program (MAP)

Just because most of the troops have been withdrawn from the Middle East doesn’t mean that you cannot Adopt-a-Unit; there are still units deployed to other areas and away from their loved ones. Reach out to local citizens who may have a family member that is stationed outside of the US whose unit may need a little love from their hometown. Other information on how to find a unit to adopt can be found on the VFW Website:

The Military Assistance Program’s (MAP) purpose is to provide financial assistance to VFW Posts/Departments and Auxiliaries who sponsor events with their local military community. These funds are meant to build relationships and provide information about VFW/Auxiliary programs and services. This is an excellent opportunity to get the word out about our Scholarships and Youth Activity Programs.

The units that have returned home might enjoy a Valentine’s Day family party, a parent/child dance, or similar activities now that they are reunited again. MAP Grant Guidelines including an application and MAP Grant Report is available on the VFW Website:

Since 2005, MAP has sponsored events supporting more than 2.3 million service members and their families.

For more information, review the MAP Grant FAQs below:

  • What is a MAP Grant? It is financial assistance given to a VFW Post or Auxiliary for troop support activities to build relationships and provide information to their local military about VFW programs and services.
  • Who can apply for a MAP Grant? VFW Departments, Posts and Auxiliaries that desire to support their local military. The actual MAP application can only be submitted by a VFW or Auxiliary member and must be signed by the appropriate individuals which are specified in the MAP Grant Guidelines.
  • What kind of events can MAP Grant funds be used for? The most common events that we see include:
  1. Family Days, Picnics
  2. BBQ’s
  3. Welcome Home and Deployment Ceremonies
  4. Holidays and Festivals

Note: MAP Grants cannot be used for Public Events and/or Formal Military events such as: Military Dining In/Out, Military Balls, Change of Command/Responsibility Ceremonies, etc.

  • What items can be purchased with MAP Grant funds? Basic food and non-alcoholic beverages for currently serving military and their family members only.
  • Where do I get a MAP Grant Application? The MAP Grant applications can be found on the VFW website.
  • When should I submit the MAP Grant Application? Must be submitted no earlier than 14 days prior to the event.
  • How do I submit a MAP Grant? MAP Grants must be submitted through the following form: MAP Grant Application

On a much lighter note, I have received a Gubernatorial Proclamation from the State of Minnesota Department Chairman Dave Scofield that the Central Minnesota Continuum of Care has successfully ended homelessness for veterans in thirteen counties. Governor Walz proclaimed Tuesday, November 9, 2021 End Of Veterans Homelessness Day in central Minnesota.