2018 Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest
Sixth Place
$500 Department of Maryland and VFW Auxiliary Betty Morris Scholarship

Jasmine Sun | 10th Grade
“Dignified” | Medium: Acrylic
Sponsored by VFW Auxiliary 1433 | Glendale, Arizona

“Many characters, each carrying its own essential value, are needed on the set in the play of war. While major characters are dramatized to be the brave soldiers on the battlefield or the cunning generals behind each military decision, less light is shone on the women bustling around the cramped and battered hospitals…or nurses. The paramount role of nurses in the war has been stripped of its deserved spotlight too many times in the past. This painting is dedicated to all veteran nurses, who oftentimes do not receive the proper recognition for their intelligence, bravery and selflessness. The painting portrays an aged veteran nurse, gazing off into the distance and reminiscing about touching memories from the war. Her eyes have witnessed many a scene; her facial lines tell a unique story within each groove, and the upturn of her lips reminds us all to never forget their lionhearted spirits of humanity for our country.” – Jasmine Sun