2019 Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest
Second Place | Department of North Carolina
$7,500 Scholarship

Alyse Stewart | 11th Grade
Media: Charcoal and Oil Paint
Sponsored by VFW Auxiliary 10950 | Nags Head, North Carolina

“My painting is of my uncle, Retired Rear Admiral Earl P. Yates, sharing his memories with my sister. The sadness of leaving loved ones, the joy of being reunited with them, the unknown of the battle ahead and the friends along the way swirl to life around them. He served in World War II and became the first captain of USS John F. Kennedy and I’ve always loved hearing his stories. He’s told me all kinds, from racing home for Christmas to narrowly avoiding a kamikaze pilot plummeting toward them. I believe the greatest form of patriotism is the sacrifice these soldiers make for our country and we need to honor those sacrifices by letting their stories live on for generations to come. By passing these stories on, we all share in the patriotism they represent and honor people like my uncle and grandfather for their service to our country.” – Alyse Stewart