2019 Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest
First Place | Department of Alabama
$15,000 Scholarship

Silver Abbott | 11th Grade
“Coming Home”
Media: Charcoal
Sponsored by VFW Auxiliary 5658 | Elberta, Alabama

“Coming Home” represents the everyday motivation for American soldiers, for their family. Every day our soldiers place themselves in harm’s way to protect not only the freedoms of the American people, but their families and their home.

This soldier has returned home, greeted by his family. His daughter, holding on tight to the father that had been deployed, is holding the banner of our nation. The banner which we fly for our troops. The name Hope represents the hope that we hold onto, that our families will return home to us. We hold firmly onto that hope just as the young girl is holding onto her father. Through the many battles, tears, and home sickness that soldiers endure, the motivation continues to live within the homes of American citizens. Families are allowed to live together in peace, attend churches freely, express their voice, and live in a nation under God.” – Silver Abbott