2018 Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest
Fifth Place
$500 VFW Auxiliary Department of Florida Patriotic Art Scholarship

Catherine Henebery | 12th Grade
“Brothers in Arms” | Medium: Graphite and Colored Pencil
Sponsored by VFW Auxiliary 7589 | Manassas, Virginia

“There is no greater act of love than to lay down your life for another.”

“Soldiers know and live by this. These brave servicemen and servicewomen not only lay their lives down for their country, but for each other. Every soldier who fights for our country serves a vital role in keeping it safe, but sometimes these men and women reach a point where they find it hard to continue fighting. The soldier on the right has reached his threshold. He is in despair. Is it due to the loss of a friend or the traumatic stress of combat? To the soldier on the left, the reason does not matter. His brother is suffering. He holds back his own hurt temporarily to comfort his friend. The two soldiers are in black and white to reflect despair and loss. The Flag is colored to show how theses sacrifices buy our freedom.” – Catherine Henebery