2017 Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest
Fifth Place
$500 VFW Auxiliary Department of Florida Patriotic Art Scholarship

Carly Honas
11th Grade
Patriotism in Pen
Media: Pen
Sponsored by VFW Auxiliary 3115, Wichita, Kansas
Department of Kansas

“Patriotism is a widely expressed emotion, but no person displays it in a more sincere way than a soldier. The raw expression of the Afghanistan veteran rendered in my ink portrait shows a wide range of emotion that, in my opinion, captures the essence of the fight for one’s country. In the soldier’s eyes, the viewer can witness an intensity that reflects the striking reality of war – the rough hardships that caused the rips on the helmet and the dirt on the face. His stoic expression made me wonder what he was thinking, a curiosity that I hoped would portray a built-up tolerance. Most importantly, his eyes are tinged with fear. These are the eyes of a man who has faced fear for a completely unselfish cause. This portrait shows the eyes of a man who has seen things no person was meant to see, and I intended to recreate it in a way that would express such hardships to the observer. The Afghanistan soldier in my drawing shows exceptional patriotism with a single glance.” – Carly Honas