Tina Hicks
2023-2024 National Scholarship Ambassador

Headshot of Tina Whytsell

This year is flying by and it is one of my favorite times of the year. For those who know me, know that I love Halloween and Christmas. Even though I don’t like the cold temperatures, I bundle up and go out and enjoy all the festivities in my community.


We are now in October, and we have deadlines creeping up on us. Here in just a few short days all entries for the Voice of Democracy and the Patriot’s Pen Contest need to be into your local Post. Since this is Halloween month, you could give the students who participate a treat bag when they turn in their applications. Please make sure everything is filled out correctly, I would hate for a student to be disqualified for something that could have been fixed easily, and please make sure it is legible. Remember just because these two scholarship deadlines are coming up doesn’t mean your work is finished. We still need to get out there and get the word out about a few more scholarships.


  1. Continuing Education Scholarship – The application must be received at National Headquarters by February 15, 2024. $1,250 will be awarded to an applicant in each of the four Conferences.


  1. Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest – Entries must be to the local VFW Auxiliary by March 31, 2024. There will be scholarships awarded in the amounts of $500 to $15,000.


  1. 3-Dimensional Patriotic Art Contest – Entries must be to the local VFW Auxiliary by March 31, 2024. There will be scholarship awards in the amounts of $500 to $2,500.


It’s hard to get in the school now a days. How can we get the word out about our scholarships?


That is a simple answer. We have to change our mindsets; we are all stuck in the “This is how we have always done it” and now times have changed and we need to do something differently.


  1. A) Get flyers out and hang them up on community boards in your post offices, libraries, grocery stores and any other businesses that have boards up for the community to get word out of things happening in their community.


  1. B) Go to a sporting event, get permission to set up a table, and pass handouts out to the fans as they walk toward the entrance gates. There are all kinds of fall festivals going on this time of the year. Perfect place to get the word out and your VFW can help also.


  1. C) Media – These days we have social media along with radio stations and newspapers. I don’t know about you, but here in West Virginia, social media is the place to go when you need to see what’s going on in your community.


  1. D) Word of mouth – When you are at a fall festival, family gathering or church function, talk about our scholarships and people will hear what we have to offer to their family members.


Scholarship contest rules and information:

  1. VFW Auxiliary National website: vfwauxiliary.org/scholarships
  2. MALTA Member Resources
  3. VFW website: vfw.org/community/youth-and-education
  4. VFW Store: vfwstore.org or 1-833-VFW-VETS

Also please don’t forget to donate to the Patriotic Art Escrow Fund. You can donate two ways.

  1. Log in to MALTA. Click on “Make a Gift.” Select Patriotic Art
  2. Mail checks earmarked Patriotic Art to:

VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters

Attn: Patriotic Art Scholarship Fund

406 W 34th Street, 10th Floor

Kansas City, MO 64111

I hope everyone has a great holiday season- it’s coming up quickly.