The materials below are available for you to use as you work to recruit new members and retain current members.

If you have any questions or difficulty printing the materials, please call 816.561.8655 or e-mail

Auxiliary, District and Department Tools & Resources

The VFW Auxiliary Eligibility Wheel is an excellent visual tool to use to show that there are up to 12 people that may join our organization on the eligibility of one veteran.

Our organization would DOUBLE in size if every member recruited JUST ONE new member. The “Just One Card” is a personal reminder that you pledge to recruit just one new member.

The Strengthening Auxiliaries Calendar is full of ways you can have a positive impact on your Auxiliary and its members in 30 days.

The Local and National Talking Points are great sheets to print out and give to members of the media.

Membership Recruitment Tools & Resources

The items listed below are great pieces to have at a recruitment table or booth, or even to keep in your purse as a handout you can refer to when talking about all that the VFW Auxiliary does for veterans and their families on both a local and national level. All items below can be downloaded and printed.

Door Hangers

The door hangers below are designed to be printed on cardstock using a home printer. The final size is 4.5 inches horizontal (across) by 11 inches vertical (up and down).

The door hangers below are designed to be printed using a professional printer (i.e. FedEx Office, Staples, Office Depot/Office Max, Vistaprint, etc.) The final size is 4.5 inches horizontal (across) by 11 inches vertical (up and down).

Membership Engagement Packet

For Auxiliary Officers

New member engagement is a critical component to retain a member after their first year. It is important new members understand the value of their membership and that they feel they are getting value from their membership.

Listed below are resources and best practices to assist local Auxiliary Officers in welcoming new members:

For New Members

A new member is an engaged member, but often someone who needs to have an orientation to the VFW Auxiliary. It’s best to hand the New Member Packet to them personally at a meeting or social gathering, but it can be mailed as well. It’s important that the new member feels welcome and appreciated as they are often eager to volunteer and help veterans and their families.

Listed below are materials to include in a New Member Packet: