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We are pleased to present webinars to you, our members, on various topics. You are able to watch the webinars below anytime – and anywhere you have an Internet connection! To watch a webinar, click the title of the webinar you would like to view and it will launch in a new window. The length of each webinar is in parentheses to the right of the title. Webinars are recorded and may be stopped and started at any time for your convenience. Just click on the pause or play button to stop and start the webinar. If you have topic suggestions for future webinars, please e-mail them to

Please note several of these videos were created when the organization was the Ladies Auxiliary VFW. However, the content within the presentations is still valid. Simply disregard mentions of “Ladies Auxiliary” and replace with “VFW Auxiliary.”

MALTA videos

PLEASE NOTE: MALTA is not yet available. MALTA will have a staggered rollout in July 2017. Please watch our website, Facebook page and e-newsletter for more information about the release date.

Watch the brief videos below for helpful tips on general features and tasks in the VFW Auxiliary’s MALTA membership system.

Member Videos

Treasurer Videos