Francine Cornish 2023-2024 National Mentoring for Leadership Ambassador

Headshot of Francine Cornish

During this year, you have developed amazing Mentoring for Leadership Programs for your Departments. The Program information and ideas compiled this year definitely should be made available for the next and future years. Maintaining and building on what you have established will be well worth the careful planning and consistent effort it will take.


Many of you have developed Mentoring for Leadership guidebooks for your Departments which can be passed on to the next Chairman. Your many promotions are valuable information to share. Also, make sure you share the work you have done to recruit mentors and mentees.


Keep in mind some of the Mentoring for Leadership basic principles:


  1. Set clear Program goals
  2. Establish the Program structure
  3. Recruit and match mentors and mentees
  4. Provide training and resources
  5. Monitor and evaluate progress
  6. Foster a supportive community
  7. Recognize and reward participants
  8. Seek feedback and adapt


It is important to continuously seek feedback from participants and members of your Department. Use their input to make improvements and adjust theProgram to meet changing needs and expectations.


Strong leadership is required for the future of the VFW Auxiliary. I thank each of you for the work you have done for the Mentoring for Leadership Program!