Francine Cornish 2023-2024 National Mentoring for Leadership Ambassador

Headshot of Francine Cornish

National Mentoring Month is celebrated throughout January to inspire people to engage in Mentoring activities and support those who are already making a difference as a mentor. Every year, the President of the United States issues a proclamation designating January as National Mentoring Month to recognize the valuable role mentors play in the development of our young people.


This month, we can celebrate the dedication of our mentors and mentees who are working to strengthen the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary by participating in the Mentoring for Leadership Program.


National Mentoring Month Upcoming Events: (from:


January 17: International Mentoring Day


January 25: Thank Your Mentor Day!


Share Mentoring Stories


Who mentored you? A good question to ask! During National Mentoring Month, encourage your mentors and mentees to share what they mean to each other. You can also include other members who are not a part of the formal Mentoring Program. They certainly had mentors along the way. In some cases, they may have been mentors. Their stories can be shared at the VFW Auxiliary meeting or at a special get-together.  They can even share their stories on video or on social media. I’m sure there will be many interesting stories which will inspire and encourage all our members.


January, National Mentoring Month, gets us started for the new year. Let’s continue to use all our resources and promote the Mentoring for Leadership program throughout the year.