Francine Cornish 2023-2024 National Mentoring for Leadership Ambassador

Headshot of Francine Cornish



  • Sponsoring mini workshops.
  • Creating mentoring teams.
  • Identifying mentors and mentees.
  • Developing a rapport with each other.
  • Organizing cool ice breakers.
  • Setting goals.
  • Communicating and promoting the Program to your members.


The goal of the mentee will help determine the direction of the mentoring relationship.

They may choose to train for an elected position or for an appointed position. Your current Officers and Program Chairman can assist you as part of your mentoring team. They will be able to go over the pros and cons of their positions, and help the mentee determine the direction that is the best fit.


Focus training, resources and developing solutions based on the established goals. Of course, be available to answer questions and offer encouragement. Always be responsive to the mentee and be flexible just in case the mentee decides to go in another direction and the goals change.




Regional Conference Meeting coming up?  Christmas Conference on the schedule? As well as regularly scheduled District meetings and Department Council of Administration meetings?


There are many activities available to attend during the year, within the Auxiliary and in our communities. Plan to invite your mentee to these Conferences, meetings and activities. It’s great to meet and greet other members. It is also good to get to know members of other organizations that serve veterans.


Many of you have offered wonderful reflections on the changing season, from summer to fall. One such reflection was sent to me from Sandy Bassett, Department of Oklahoma’s Mentoring for Leadership Chairman. Recently, Sandy was reviving her garden, parts of which needed extra care and nourishment. She was reminded that we should take extra care to nourish our members well and constantly. Then they will thrive and become productive members who will then yield good leaders. Thanks to Sandy for that analogy!


In order to serve the needs of our veterans and our communities, the VFW Auxiliary needs good, strong leadership. Your support and dedication, and yes leadership to the Mentoring for Leadership Program will provide the growth our organization needs. Please keep up the good work!


P.S. Have you been able to use the printable Welcome Card? Look for it in MALTA under Mentoring for Leadership resources.