Ansje Lansing 2023-2024 National Membership Ambassador

Headshot of Ansje Lansing

Lights Camera Action!


It’s a new Membership year and already many of the Departments are getting their very own cast and crew together to make their “movie” one for the books! I have received many “scripts” from a lot of Departments with the use of movie ideas. Some of the Membership teams include Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Harry Potter School of Magical Membership, and Mickey & Minnie Mouse; just to name a few*.


Lights: Anyone can recruit a new cast member. Following the guidelines on the Eligibility Wheel does help with any question one might have. Don’t be shy. You would be surprised how many people are eligible and are not aware. Turn that spotlight on and get them recruited!


Camera: Follow up with your new Member. Please don’t leave that person on the sidelines of your movie! They may have some interesting ideas to help grow your Auxiliary. And help make your movie Golden Malta Worthy. Remember, just because you have tried it before and it didn’t work, try their idea from a different angle and just maybe it will be a winner!


Action: There are tons of ways to promote your Membership movie. We are coming up to the season of craft fairs and what better way to chat about Membership than having a table set up at these functions. Do it in conjunction with a bake sale or make some ornaments utilizing “Buddy”® Poppies to give out. No matter the function, always have some sort of Membership set up available.


Now you have your cast and crew so it’s extremely important you make them feel part of your movie. Encourage participation and find out their strengths and capitalize on it.  See what functions work best for them and you’re Auxiliary. I know some younger Moms have babysitting issues. Have a high school student volunteer to help the day of the meeting by watching and playing with these kids in a quiet corner. This could be one of your VOD Students and they could qualify as a Member. Perhaps pay for their first year’s dues in turn to help babysit!!


The competition is on between the Four Conferences. Who will win the coveted Golden Malta at next year’s National Convention?

Big Ten, Southern, Western or Eastern??? Only you can help make this happen with your due diligence getting new members!


Let’s make this a banner year for Membership!

*Remember, if you use something copyrighted/licensed, music included, you need to have the proper permissions in order to premier your movie. Another great option is getting super creative and producing an original production!