Marilyn J. Malick
2020-2021 National Membership Ambassador


This month’s theme is to help your Auxiliary to “synergize.” What does it mean to synergize? Bruce Mayhew, a leadership trainer, states that, “Synergy is what happens when two or more forces choose to work together with open, trusting intention to embrace each other’s differences and to overcome the challenges that will inevitably arise.”

The wonderful thing about synergy is that in the end when you work together the result will be greater than anything that could have existed when you only work alone.

Steven Covey, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, writes about how:

  • Synergy has the ability to unify forces (people, companies, organizations).
  • Synergy is important to being a successful, sustainable organization.

If we synergize and work together to make gains in membership our organization will grow and will be successful in the future to continue to support veterans, their families and our communities.

Awards for Departments

Striving to synergize with your Auxiliary will also help your Department to make gains in their membership goals. All Auxiliaries need to work together to reach their goal of 101% Plus. When you help your Department reach their goal, they will receive awards from National just like the Auxiliaries do. If you like a little competition, check out award number five.

  1. Department Award #1 – $400 to the Department for 95% Plus in membership by November 30, 2020*.
  2. Department Award #2 – $400 to the Department for 98% Plus in membership by March 31, 2021*.
  3. Department Award #3 – $200 to the Department for 100% Plus in membership by June 30, 2021*.
  4. 100% Plus Membership Pin will be given to the Department President, Treasurer and Membership Chairman when the Department reaches 100% Plus in membership.
  5. Conference vs. Conference
    • $50 to each Department within the Conference with the highest total percentage by January 4, 2021*.
    • $50 to each Department within the Conference with the highest total percentage by May 31, 2021*.

*Based on the June 30, 2020, total membership numbers.

Invest in the Future of the VFW Auxiliary

One of this year’s membership goals is to Invest in the Future of the Organization. The word invest implies that we are speaking about money but investing means so much more than just spending money. It means working cooperatively with your members to achieve your goals.

  • Send out your second dues notice by the end of this month.
  • Start pushing to reach 95% Plus so you meet your November 30th
  • Offer incentives if dues are paid by a certain date.
  • Mentor your new members.
  • Have a membership recruiting event.
  • Contact your members for more than just dues.

Audrey Smith, Department of South Carolina Membership Chairman, said, “Don’t be a bill collector who only reaches out to members when it’s time to collect dues – treat them like family! Contact them during the year. A phone tree can be set up for this.”

The future of the VFW Auxiliary depends on you and your fellow members to synergize! Thank you for all you are doing to invite, include and invest in our VFW Auxiliary by working the Membership Program. Continue to assist us in “Honoring our Mission to Serve Veterans.”