Jason Estell
2022-2023 Membership Ambassador

Jason Estell

Hello Members,

The end is near and as of now we are at 100.55% paid membership. Our current membership percentage is 99.02. We are so close to being 100% plus. Let’s keep working our magic, keep pushing till the final call. You, as a member, can make a change and help grow this organization by simply inviting, including and investing in our membership.

Conference percentages as of Wednesday 3/29/2023:

Big 10                 100.30%            In the lead with 101.68% paid & 100.16% current:          Michigan.

Eastern              101.49%            In the lead with 106.04% paid & 105.16% current:          Delaware.

Southern           101.06%            In the lead with 104.62% paid & 103.81% current:          South Carolina.

Western            99.14%                             In the lead with 103.87% paid & 103.14% current:          Hawaii.


Collectively, we are 4,553 members away from being 100% current for National membership. Therefore, we must keep pushing membership, even if your Auxiliary/Department hits 100%, we must keep the mission alive year-round. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

Congrats to Delaware for being the first Department to reach 105%!

One of the most crucial aspects of the Membership Program are the members. The success of the Membership Program rides on the current members knowing how and who can become members. Utilizing the Member Resources in MALTA under Membership can help you successfully complete our mission.

Having trouble finding new members in your community? Take a break from searching the general public and get back to the Post; talk with every VFW member you can, because they can ultimately provide you with 12 degrees of relationships of possible new members for the Auxiliary from just one veteran.

Losing Members?

Members leave for many reasons, but often it’s because they are not included or educated in the Auxiliary mission, or sadly left out of the decision-making process. Please make sure to include new and existing members by making them feel welcome, providing meaningful feedback and encouraging them to accept opportunities to contribute to our mission. Please always remember to include them in decision making and to utilize their talents and skills. Treat them as partners in our mission and with our Hands that Serve, Hearts that Care, we will grow to new levels.


How can we reach out to new members?

  • Work programs in the community.
  • Make videos showing what we do and post them on social media.
  • Invite new members to events and Auxiliary business sessions.
  • Ask them what they would like to do or if they have any ideas to better the situation.
  • Be nice and professional.
  • Hold membership drives.
  • Ask if they need anything.
  • Ask them to help fold or send out member renewals or member packets.
  • Just simply give them a call, chat with them, get reacquainted and remind them how vital they are to the organization and veterans everywhere.

Reminder that our next goal to be 98% by March 31, 2023 (tomorrow.) Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your Auxiliary/Department to win money. Also don’t forget that we base the awards on paid membership, not current membership. This means we do not hold the deceased members against you. But remember to keep calling and recruiting those members so we hit 100% plus in current membership.

Make sure to sign up all members in MALTA

National Headquarters has developed great Membership resources to help you complete the mission at hand.

  • Great Information
  • Membership application
  • Auxiliary Brochure order form
  • Member change /update form
  • Membership engagement packets
  • Many tools and resources to work all Programs

Although we are involved in Mission Possible this year, this is not confidential material and you should share all the information and resources with all our members to guarantee full potential growth in our organization.

The more you know, the more we grow!

Please continue to honor your veterans and their families by keeping your membership dues current.

Many thanks to all the wonderful Membership Chairmen across the country. You have made a huge difference this year in growing our wonderful organization.