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VFW Auxiliary Magazine is published six times per year. In January 2023, VFW Auxiliary Magazine became a digital-only publication. Click on an image or visit the archives link to select another issue.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Magazine

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Featured in this Edition

  • Read about our 2024 Continuing Education Scholarship winners.
  • Meet your 2024-2025 Department Presidents.
  • Join us in remembering Janice Criswell.
  • Find out how members made a difference with National President Carla’s special joint project and learn about the 2024-2025 special project.
  • See how members and Posts worked together for VFW’s third-annual Day of Service.

The editors of VFW Auxiliary Magazine want to know what you think about features and articles you see in the magazine. Have a magazine submission or story idea? Send submissions to, Attn: Editor-in-Chief.

We hope you enjoy the July 2024 edition!

—VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters

VFW Auxiliary Magazine, July 2024 cover.

Magazine Archives

The editors at VFW Auxiliary Magazine are always working to develop interesting stories and are delighted to receive your information and photographs. As with other media outlets, stories that are unique, new or of special interest to Auxiliary members will take precedence over more routine contributed content.

Please do not send:

  • Poetry/creative writing
  • Election or installation reports
  • Routine social events and anniversaries
  • Department or National Officers’ visits to local or District meetings
  • Obituaries (except for a National Line Officer or Past National President)

Instead, send information about various activities for our National Programs that shows your Auxiliary members making a difference in the lives of veterans and those in your community.

  • Did your Auxiliary participate in a StandDown?
  • Did your Auxiliary work to raise awareness about veteran and military suicide prevention?
  • Did your Auxiliary participate in Make a Difference Day?
  • Did your Auxiliary adopt a Veterans Park or contribute to a Veterans Memorial?
  • Did your Auxiliary educate youth about patriotism?
  • Was there a particular Auxiliary event that was very unique and/or successful?

Note: There is a delay between receipt of information and its publication. Magazine issues are completed in advance of the publication date. For instance, the January issue is finalized in early December.

All copy should be typed. If emailed, copy should be attached as a Word (.doc) document.

Email copy to:

Mail copy to:
Editor, VFW Auxiliary Magazine
406 W. 34th St., 10th Floor
Kansas City, MO  64111

When submitting photos to VFW Auxiliary Magazine:

  • Include the Auxiliary number, city and state of persons pictured.
  • Spell names correctly and include titles of persons pictured.
  • Identify members by first and last names.
  • Send photos in jpeg format, 1 MB or larger.
    • From computer – “Save as” largest file possible and then email the photo.
    • From smart phone – Email from your phone choosing the largest file size possible. On an iPhone, select “Actual Size.”
    • If it’s a print – Take a picture of it with your smart phone and then email from your phone choosing largest file size.
    • If scanning – Choose largest file (minimum 300 dpi) and then email the photo.
  • Mail copy of your photo to National Headquarters so we can scan it in and return it to you.
    • When mailing, place photo(s) between cardboard and do not type or write on the front or back of the picture. Identify each person (no more than five per photo) on a separate sheet of paper.
    • Send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want us to return your photo.

Email images to:

Mail images to:
Editor, VFW Auxiliary Magazine
406 W. 34th St., 10th Floor
Kansas City, MO  64111