Diana Moore-Morris 2023-2024 National Historian & Media Relations Ambassador

Headshot of Diana Morris

There were three areas that I wanted to give a good camera focus to this Program Year. I cannot be any more excited to say that each Department has diligently worked toward reaching those goals as a Historian & Media Relations Chairman.

First, I asked each of you to show MINDFULNESS. It was requested that each Auxiliary Historian remember to be mindful of the person or people you were photographing as some people may not want to be included in the photo or for one reason or another, could be at risk if they are photographed.

So many grasped how important it was to utilize the photo releases, especially when photographing our young people (children). Many Historians took the MINDULNESS to another level and welcomed new members by seeking their permission and capturing their first Auxiliary meeting with a photo. Thank you for making our new members feel right at home and a part of our Auxiliary family.

You made a lasting impression of kindness, giving your new members the feeling of being included and most importantly, making them feel welcome. You opened the door of communication through the art of photography. You found the beautiful thread that ties an Auxiliary together, consideration of one another.

Second, I asked that we REVIVE. To use photographing of your Auxiliary memories as an art of storytelling. What a connection you made with each of your brothers and sisters in your Auxiliaries through the camera lens. It was through your stories that encouraged others who were looking to serve to not only help with a special Auxiliary project, but it also preserved your Auxiliary memories.

I was asked by a Department Historian if I could sum up what a scrapbook was. My answer was “scrap” a significant piece or pieces in a book. I suggested to title the scrapbook the Auxiliary M & M… Milestones and Memories. In today’s world, our “scrapbooks” tend to be smart phone photos and screenshots. A scrapbook is just a book full of those moments we capture.

Third, was the idea of completing an Auxiliary legacy (older) member interview. Hoping to build a momentum to greater success of preserving our Auxiliary heritage and history. As members of this great organization, I had hoped to bring many generations together because everyone has something to contribute. Recording of the interviews would also help preserve your Auxiliary past and plant new seeds for the future. Many Departments are beginning to submit their Auxiliary legacy member interviews. I have to admit that I have not taken the time to watch them only because I feel that the three judges I have selected to review and score these interviews should get the first look at them. I don’t want my personal opinion to sway the judging.

As a reminder, don’t forget to complete and submit the National Historian Award #1 Form with your video to your Department Historian. It will allow him or her to keep track of who has submitted a video and then they will report those numbers to me so that you will receive a National Citation at the end of the year.

Another reminder, also don’t forget to send at least five photographs of National President Carla’s official visit to your state to National Headquarters within a couple weeks of her visit and please forward them to me as well so that I can include them in Madam President Carla’s end of the year flash drive collection that I would like to present to her.

Let’s continue Banding Together For Our Veterans. We, the Historians of our Auxiliaries may be the only hope of saving those memories.