Diana Moore-Morris 2023-2024 National Historian & Media Relations Ambassador

Headshot of Diana Morris

You have been chosen to fulfill a key role in your Auxiliary, District or Department. It is up to you to tell the story and keep a record of memories for future members. Take that picture. We are our own best message.

If the Historian doesn’t do their part, our Auxiliaries will suffer. We are a NECESSITY! It is up to the Historian to capture special memories and activities through photos & videos. Through media, we allow our Auxiliaries to sell what we are doing at all levels for our Veterans, their families, and our communities.

Keep good records. Utilize every form of media available to you, whether it be through Facebook, newsletters, websites and/or videos. Give great consideration to spotlighting one of your Auxiliary legacy (seasoned/older) members by doing a video interview. Make them a STAR.


MALTA provides training on assisting with media resources. It offers training on the basics of social media, emblem branding and much more. MALTA offers the VFW Auxiliary Publicity Guide and Elevator Speech.

#SNAP (Stop Now Ask Permission)

  • Print those photo releases from the MALTA Resource page (protect yourself & the person you are photographing, especially children).
  • Be aware of what you are photographing (remember what kindness looks like).
  • When taking photographs, connect with the subject and the emotion (don’t be a paparazzi).

Make this be a year of courage, kindness, service and unlimited “mission” of possibilities! 

You can ensure the future of your Auxiliary this year and make your mission matter. Get creative and inject enthusiasm. Let me hear about all your wonderful “missions”.

Let’s smile at new members and make them feel welcome. Share those photos on your Auxiliary walls and memories in our hearts by using the camera lens all the while remembering to be mindful of the individuals you are photographing. Everybody can be great because everybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated with love.

Drag out all those dusty old photo albums from your archives and spend a few minutes at each of your meetings looking back at the history. Not only will your older members enjoy reliving the older days of the Auxiliary, but your new members will also get a good lesson in the history of your Auxiliary.

Let’s have fun! Let’s make it interesting! Each one of us can only reach as far as our arms (camera lens) will go. Let us link arms. Our Historians, this program, will be a core group of Auxiliary members with extra motivation, passion and camera spirit that lifts the other members of our wonderful organization.

But most of all – “Let’s Make It Happen!”