Penny Hurt 2023-2024 National Extension & Revitalization Ambassador/Chief of Staff

Headshot of Penny Hurt

This is my last blog as your Extension & Revitalization Ambassador. I would like to say that I love reading the information each of you have sent to me. I hope that the Red Flag Auxiliaries continue in the future. We need to make sure that our Auxiliaries stay strong. Even though our Program Year is coming to the final half we are not done yet.

In that case, we still have four months to assist Red Flags Auxiliaries. Remember the Red Flags are only guidelines that an Auxiliary may need help. Do they need help with a Program Year-End report, did they fill out their Healthy Auxiliary Checklist and are they ready for their annual election? Make a suggestion that they read the Building on The VFW Auxiliary Foundation or the National Bylaws and Ritual if they are moving up in the Chairs. These books provide ideas on the duties and responsibilities of their office.

You can ask for help or get your District President or District Deputy Chief of Staff to organize a Red Flag Team to assist. This is a team that goes into the Auxiliaries and will make it better than how you left it. When helping the Auxiliaries with Red Flags, make sure you have your National Bylaws and Ritual with you at all times. If you can’t find the answer to their question, you can contact National Headquarters. We are always here to help you. You were appointed to be a leader, so lead to the end. Make sure you have everything in order to hand over to the next Chief of Staff/Extension & Revitalization Chairman. We always need to make our place better then we received it.

As the Extension & Revitalization Chairman, is there an Auxiliary that still needs help to finish their paperwork? Does your Department President have a team to help with the paperwork, get members started and mentor for a new year? Remember, a new Auxiliary still needs mentoring for at least a year. Volunteer to do it for a year. The Auxiliary members know you so keep up the work to make them strong. We need to help new members understand the goals of our organization. Remember to finish what we started – these new Auxiliaries still need your help. You are a very strong and important person. Keep up the good mentoring to these Auxiliaries. We all have our own reason why we belong to this organization. So, please let’s show our veteran why we belong and help these Auxiliaries be a strong growing Auxiliary.

It was my pleasure to serve as your Chief of Staff/Extension & Revitalization Chairman for the 2023-2024 year.  Remember to be humble and kind in whatever Program you have.