Sharon Connolly, Chief of Staff
2022-2023 National Extension and Revitalization Ambassador

VFWA Headshots 2022


The new Program Year has begun and it’s time to get those Official Visits started. The District President or whomever he/she assigns should schedule the visit as soon as possible. There will soon be a wealth of information available once the Resource link is behind MALTA. Some forms are available now in Building on the VFW Foundation.

  • Official Visit Form
  • Guidelines for Auxiliary President
  • Guidelines for District President
  • District Official Visit Notice
  • Auxiliary Member Questionnaire
  • Auxiliary meeting challenges

Keep in mind that your District President doesn’t have a crystal ball. If you know of an Auxiliary in your Department that is struggling, please tell your District President so an Official Visit can go to the top of the list. Just as importantly, when making an Official Visit, you need to be honest and unbiased when completing the Official Visit Form. Early intervention is the key to revitalize an Auxiliary and put it back in good working order.

Let’s get these Official Visits done before it starts snowing in the north and just because you can Git-R-Done in the south!!