Penny Hurt 2023-2024 National Extension & Revitalization Ambassador/Chief of Staff

Headshot of Penny Hurt

     We are starting a new Program Year. Let’s make sure Auxiliaries get started on the right track. There are many things that a Department Chief of Staff or Deputy (District) Chief of Staff can look for to help Auxiliaries become a healthy Auxiliary. If you have Deputy (District) Chiefs of Staff, train them to recognize Red Flags.

We need to push for each Auxiliary to have ten (10) meetings a year. I know that in the winter it is hard, but we need to try. If a quorum is not present refer to National Bylaws, Section 210 – Meetings, Regular and Special, 5th bullet: Video conferencing or teleconferencing when used to form a full quorum shall be utilized for extenuating circumstances to meet the required minimal ten meeting dates; or a member vote that needs immediate attention.

Is there good attendance at the Auxiliary meeting? Are you making the meeting productive and short? Follow an agenda to keep the meeting on track. Is the meeting day and time appropriate for members to attend? Send out a survey to see when members would like to have a meeting and what to do for the National Programs.

Are the Officers, Chairman and members having good conversation at their meeting or is it just one person? Every member has a voice. Please listen to all. If a member comes up with something new, try it! It might be something great this time around.

The Auxiliary election of Officers has been held. Are the elected Officers the same members who have been there before or is it someone new? You can have your Mentoring for Leadership Chairman mentor the members with new ideas or help the new members understand what the National Auxiliary Bylaws say. Sometimes you just need a mentor to help the Auxiliaries look at it differently.

Make sure the Auxiliary required paperwork is received in a timely manner. Are the Trustees completing the Auxiliary audits on time? If the answer is no, send in a team to help with the audits or explain why they are required every three (3) months. Check with your Department Treasurer on who is falling behind. Did they get their Auxiliary, District and Department bonds purchased? If not, call your Department Treasurer to help contact these Auxiliaries and the District. Use a team to work with both Auxiliaries and Districts.

Are the Auxiliary, District and Department Officers’ membership dues being paid by December 31? Again, you can ask your Department Treasurer to provide a list for you. Then, working with your Department Membership Chairman, start making phone calls.

These all could be a Red Flag. If we as Department or Deputy (District) Chiefs of Staff watch for the little things to help our Auxiliaries, then we can help them grow stronger to become healthy Auxiliaries.

Then, we always need to watch membership, new and retention, in the Auxiliaries. Talk with your Membership Chairman to see if you can work together. As a team we can help these Auxiliaries become stronger, healthy Auxiliaries. Membership growth will come with more members involved in our Auxiliary, District and Department.

As Department Chief of Staff, use a team to work with our Districts and Auxiliaries. Do not do the job alone. Department Chairmen are key team members – membership will slide into their Programs. There is always someone to team up with to make your Department, District and Auxiliary stronger. Please listen and be kind to everyone.