Sharon Connolly, National Chief of Staff
2022-2023 National Extension & Revitalization Ambassador

VFWA Headshots 2022


As of this writing, I’d say we need to put the pedal to the metal. We have four new Auxiliaries, and four pending Auxiliaries have been approved and are revving their engines to elect and install officers. While this is wonderful, we need to ensure that we aren’t going in reverse.

Currently, 22 Auxiliaries have been canceled and 39 are on suspension. The head mechanic (National Headquarters) has found common mechanical issues with all these breakdowns:

  • Report of installation not filed;
  • Bond(s) for 2022-2023 unpaid;
  • Audits not completed and/or submitted, and
  • Not holding meetings with a quorum present for the transaction of Auxiliary business.

Suspended Auxiliaries receive a tune-up (assistance) from suspension committees that explain and encourage the officers and members to follow the Bylaws so that once the suspensions are lifted, the Auxiliaries can resume the work they do assisting veterans and their families. Suspension is not a “bad” word; actually, it means that the suspended group is getting the help it needs to correct any issues rather than being canceled and are able to hit the road and work our Programs in their communities.

So how do we fix this mechanical malfunction? Find these options in MALTA Member Resources.

  • Start with the Official Visit from the District President or his/her representative. They must be totally honest when filling out the Official Visit Report Form. The Department President can do preventive maintenance if he/she knows there is an issue. There are three sample Official Visit Reports Forms in MALTA Members Resources.



  • VFW Auxiliary Meeting Challenges and Solutions: Many of the problems within our Auxiliaries are listed on this form. The solutions are simple – Just be willing to change.


  • VFW Auxiliary Member Questionnaire: This form will give you input on whether your Auxiliary is healthy. Do the majority of members want to see changes? Sometimes the truth hurts so have an open mind.


  • Good Job Awards: Doesn’t it make you feel good when someone compliments you? Your members will work a little harder if they feel they are appreciated.

These are some of the tools you need to get our Auxiliaries running like a well-oiled machine! Just go to your Owner’s Manual (, sign into Malta, click on the Member Resources tab and open the Extension and Revitalization link. All the forms are there for you to print and use.


Be Kind


Happy Motoring