Lisa Jackson 2023-2024 National “Buddy”® Poppy & VFW National Home Ambassador

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“Buddy”® Poppy Program

Have you ever wondered how the “Buddy”® Poppy displays are judged at the National Convention?  Every year that I would look at the amazing displays, I would think, “Glad I don’t have to judge this.”  Well, I took it upon myself at the National Convention to inquire how the judging is done. It is not just one individual or a team that judges it all. It is a team of judges for each category. You are given a sheet for each display to review each item and give the points for each category. The points are tallied and the display with the highest points wins.  It brings the judging level up and it is not just an “I like this one best.” situation.  Each display is broken down into three categories, Public Promotion of Poppy Campaign, Memorial or Inspirational display and Artistic or Decorative use of Poppies. Each category is then judged for effectiveness, purpose, clarity of theme, suitability, originality, beauty and the number of poppies used. Each Post and Auxiliary can submit one display per category. Take some time to think about how you will judge your next poppy display at your next event.


I am hoping that this year you can incorporate the “Buddy”® Poppy in all your events whether it is a bingo night, monthly breakfast centerpieces or membership drives. We should be able to incorporate the “Buddy”® Poppy into each of our National Programs.

  • Add a Poppy to a gift to a hospitalized veteran.
  • Place it in an envelope as you are sending out your dues reminders.
  • Hand a Poppy to your local government official when working on our legislative objectives.
  • Invite the local scouts to your Poppy drives, who can resist a cute child?

What other ideas do you have? I can’t wait to hear.


VFW National Home

There is always something happening at the National Home. Ohio and Michigan Days were celebrated this August with many events for everyone to participate in. The Eastern VFW Riders Day 2023 gathered to ride to the VFW National Home on August 19 and donations were made to the VFW National Home. In September, Illinois and Indiana will be hosting their days on September 23 and 24.  There is also a golf tournament on September 15. If you are interested in helping or registering a team, please visit


Also, remember to support National President Carla’s special project, the VFW National Home Welcome Center Renovation Project.


They are raising funds toward a remodel the existing lobby area of the VFW National Home Welcome Center, turning it into a welcoming retail space with updated reception and information area.


Just a few of the things that will be done with the renovation:

  • Floors would be replaced with a nonslip surface
  • A sidewalk would be added from the administration walkway to ensure ADA compliance
  • Increase retail space and expand items carried for resident convenience, such as milk & bread
  • Postal & parcel operations will be combined for resident & postal worker convenience


To donate, visit MALTA and select Make a Gift, National President’s Special Project. Checks can be made payable/sent to: VFW National Home, 3573 S Waverly Rd. Eaton Rapids, MI 48827. Reference “Welcome Center Renovation Project” Or visit, In comments section type: “Welcome Center Renovation Project”



Have you signed up for the VFW National Home e-newsletter to stay up to date with what is happening at the VFW National Home? It is easy to do. Just visit and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on sign up. You will get the latest events and family success stories from these emails.


The VFW National Home is working on its 2025 Centennial Garden. You can purchase an 8×8 brick for $500. This will be a lasting tribute and there are only a limited number available. Now is the time to act to participate in this everlasting tribute.


As always, the VFW National Home is completely funded by its members. They rely solely on our volunteers and donations.  Thank you for helping the VFW National Home.