Lisa Jackson 2023-2024 National “Buddy”® Poppy & National Home Ambassador

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Buddy® Poppy


“Buddy”® Poppy displays are the biggest conversations lately. Has anyone tried to incorporate our new tin tab Poppy in their display? I am excited to see what you have created. I received a lot of questions recently about “Buddy”® Poppy displays and the contest. I will share these questions since I am sure that others are thinking the same.


How many Poppy displays can we bring to National?

Each Department may bring one display per category unless a Department purchases over 250,000 poppies that Department can bring two displays per category.


Can I bring the display to the National Convention on my own?

You are responsible for having your display entered and set up at any time from 8 a.m. Saturday until noon on Monday of Convention week. Your Department Adjutant must submit in writing to the Program Director by June 30 which Posts and Auxiliaries are submitting a display for their Department.


What needs to be attached to the display?

Each display may be accompanied by a white card, not to exceed 4 X 6 inches in size, on which is lettered in black ink an explanation of the theme for the display or other information of interest to the viewer or the judges. Post name, Post number, city, or state (including the shape of your state) may not be visible on display entries; failure to comply will result in disqualification.


Can we include other organizations’ logos on the display?

Any use of non-VFW trademarks or copyrighted material on your display must have prior approval from the trademark or copyright holder. These include but are not limited to names, logos, audio/visual graphics, images, and/or props. The VFW and “Buddy”® Poppy logo and name is authorized but use of any outside organization trademark or copyrighted material and/or logos must have prior approval through their respective organization.


Please be aware that if you have any questions regarding the “Buddy”® Poppy you should refer to the “Buddy”® Poppy Chairman Manual that is located in MALTA on the Member Resources page under the “Buddy”® Poppy & VFW National Home tab. You will find a lot of valuable information and is a great resource to answer questions.


VFW National Home


We have just reached our 99th anniversary for the VFW National Home on January 7, 2024. Let’s now start to prepare for the 100th Anniversary. Here is what our VFW National Home Trustees and National Home staff have planned for excitement. If you cannot join the celebrations in Michigan, consider creating a similar event at your home post. Take advantage of the situation and turn it into a fundraiser for the VFW National Home.


  • January 7, 2025, 100th Anniversary Birthday Celebration.


  • February 8, 2025, is National Home’s Celebration Gala


  • March 9, 2025, will be the Pollet House Dedication / Ribbon Cutting event.


  • June 28, 2025, will be the 100th Anniversary Community Celebration


  • August 9-14, 2025, will be the VFW National Convention in Columbus, Ohio during that time the National Home is offering bus tours to visit the VFW National Home. Cost to be announced later.


Please keep an eye on the National Home News and Events page for more details regarding these special events.


The Trustees met at the VFW National Home at the end of January. They had a very productive week which started with updating the Strategic Plan followed by Professional Development with briefings from the Directors and Chairman to include a 100th Anniversary update. During the week many decisions were made to improve business operations and infrastructure improvements at the VFW National Home.


One decision was to improve the efficiency of each Trustee by district realignment. This allowed the Departments to be evenly spread out between the Trustees. Here is the approved plan:


District One – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island

District Two – New York, Europe, Vermont, and Connecticut

District Three – Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey

District Four – Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, and Virginia

District Five – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Latin/Caribbean

District Six – Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee

District Seven – Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota

District Eight – Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky

District Nine – North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

District Ten – New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska

District Eleven – Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada

District Twelve – California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Pacific Areas


The Board of Trustees has approved a comprehensive overhaul and modernization of the electrical distribution system, repair of roads and parking lots, replacement of broken curbing, and roof replacement for the community center and nursery buildings.


The Board also discussed a new Centennial Life Membership program. This membership program will cost $100 with more benefits available to the member. A member will receive 10% off souvenirs and apparel from the VFW National Home Store, reduced guest lodge rate, and exclusive member-only apparel. You will also receive the Centennial Membership Pin. More information will be supplied soon regarding the Centennial membership.


As always if you have any questions, you can reach out to me for assistance.