Laurie Lukas
2022-2023 National Auxiliary Outreach Ambassador

VFWA Headshots 2022


The mission to separate VFW Auxiliary Outreach from VFW Community Service is becoming ingrained with all the Department Chairmen and flowing down to the local Auxiliaries. It takes a village or a great VFW Auxiliary to put a Program into motion.


State Chairmen:

Keep sharing your ideas, successes and suggestions across your membership. The ideas that you promote may lead to many more ideas. Everyone please remember to use social media when promoting and participating in this Program. Chairmen on all levels, please find and make suggestions on simple Auxiliary Outreach partnerships. One-time events like helping at a holiday food bank distribution could be the best fix for an Auxiliary who is trying to figure out what to do.

SWAP:  This idea can be used on all Auxiliary levels. Make a fun exercise at your meeting; to have members write a list of all the local service and civic groups. See if they know members of those groups that they can contact to create partnerships for Auxiliary Outreach. Make it a contest to see who can get the most.


VSO Definition: Veteran Service Organization

Take care when your Auxiliary volunteers with another veteran-based organization. Ask yourselves the question, is it better to tailor that activity to fit one of our other 11 Programs? For example, is it more important to use treasury funds to assist the cause, set up a membership recruiting table or distribute “Buddy”® Poppies? Then Auxiliary Outreach would not be your Program of choice. Any community activity wherein we promote our Programs or directly recruit members, may not be reported as Auxiliary Outreach.

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to renew or create new partnerships in your community. Step outside your Post Homes; look around and see all the good you can do.

Always communicate with your Department Auxiliary Chairmen for up-to-date information. If you have not checked out the Auxiliary Outreach awards, see the 2022-2023 National Program Book behind your MALTA login in MALTA Member Resources.

With Hands That Serve, Hearts That Care, continue to reach out in our communities with Auxiliary Outreach.

Happy Holidays, stay safe and healthy.