Laurie Lukas
2022-2023 National Auxiliary Outreach Ambassador

VFWA Headshots 2022

Understanding the VFW’s Community Service

Looking for clues and help with VFW Auxiliary Outreach?   Read on for a few to get started.

IMPORTANT:       Do not confuse Auxiliary Outreach with VFW Community Service.

Auxiliary Outreach is one of our 12 National Programs.

Guess what? Community Service is not one of them.

You may have heard the term CSR. This is the acronym’s definition: CSR = Community Service Report

VFW Community Service

Please continue to help your VFW Post by completing a VFW Community Activities Report. Coming soon on the VFW Auxiliary website will be an Auxiliary-tailored Community Service Report Form. See what it looks like below. Until that time, please borrow a form from your Post to use.

Think of the VFW Community Service Report as a HUGE umbrella. This umbrella protects and covers our heads to keep our non-profit status safe.

Does your Auxiliary already have a VFW Community Service Report form they give to their Post on a regular basis? GREAT… Make sure you modify it to include or update the name to Auxiliary Outreach and stress that NO money is spent on any of your Outreach Programs.

Money you donate to other organizations and spend on other activities that do not qualify for Auxiliary Outreach can be listed on that CSR form.

Always reach out to your Department Auxiliary Chairmen for up-to-date information. If you have not checked out the Auxiliary Outreach Awards see the 2022-2023 National Program Book at

With Hands That Serve and Hearts That Care, continue to reach out in our communities with Auxiliary Outreach. Learn more about this National Program, including what does and does not qualify on page 12 of the Program Book.

See a screenshot of the form below for reference; this was presented at the Programs Seminar at National Convention. This will also be available in Member Resources behind MALTA under Miscellaneous and is accessible here by clicking this link: Aux-to-Post Community Service Form 2022

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