Sandy Pinsonault 2023-2024 National Auxiliary Outreach Ambassador

Headshot of Sandra Pinsonault

It is important to follow the five basic steps in order to make your Auxiliary Outreach Program successful.

  1. Find local groups and organizations that need assistance.

Search local newspapers, nonprofit organizations in your community, websites, Facebook pages or ask your members what other organizations they belong to. Most organizations are short on volunteers; be eager to help them.

  1. Ask what your Auxiliary can do to help them make their event successful.

Do they need help setting up, tearing down, cleaning up? Maning stations, assisting participants, answering phones or serving?

  1. Vote at your Auxiliary meeting to approve the activity.

Once you have found an organization that needs your assistance, bring the activity back to your Auxiliary for approval. Have it in the minutes that one or more of your members will be participating. This can be a one-time event or a reoccurring event.

  1. Form the partnership with the other organization.

Be sure to show up on time and bring your “A” game. Wear your Auxiliary hat, shirt or pin. Be recognized as a volunteer from your Auxiliary.

  1. Report the details.

At your next Auxiliary meeting, report the number of hours each member participated and how many miles it took to drive to and from the event.

Remember that you cannot plan the event, give money to the event or participate in the event. You are there to volunteer your time. If the event overlaps with another Program, it must be reported in that Program.  Here are some ideas: serving food at a fireman’s breakfast, helping a church with a dinner for the public, organizing books for a library tent sale, delivering meals to seniors, helping in the kitchen with the meals for the food insecure, collecting items for food cupboards, distribute food baskets to the homebound or volunteering at the senior center.