Sandra "Sandy" Pinsonault 2023-2024 National Auxiliary Outreach Ambassador

Headshot of Sandra Pinsonault

Auxiliary Outreach – A partnership with one or more of your Auxiliary members helping another organization be successful with their event. Donating your time, not your money.

Everyone has more than one passion. Find out what other organizations your members belong to.  Partner with them and make their event successful. Remember to vote on it at your Auxiliary meeting and always remember to report back to your Auxiliary the number of hours you helped.

When finding a new organization to partner with, make sure it does not overlap with another Program. This also includes reporting hours.

The Auxiliary Outreach National Program cannot split reported hours. The reason for this was when Auxiliary Outreach was created, it was intended to cover what was not already included in another Program. If hours can be reported to another Program, those hours would go to that Program.

Look in your local newspapers, visit town websites, check out your local chamber of commerce, find out what’s happening in your community and get involved.

The idea of an Auxiliary Outreach Program is to help others. This allows members to learn new skills, meet new people, develop a sense of purpose and have personal growth.

Making your Auxiliary Outreach Successful!

  • Find the organization to help
  • Bring the idea to your Auxiliary meeting
  • Vote on the partnership
  • Help the other organization
  • Report back the number of hours and its success

Continue to share your successes with me and I will share some with the rest of our Auxiliary Outreach Chairmen around the country in my future blogs. Together we can make this year a huge success!

Disclosure:  After further discussion with National, it was determined that the programs cannot overlap and I apologize for the information I shared at the National Convention which led to thinking we were going to be able to split the hours.