Ann Panteleakos –  National Secretary-Treasurer

Ann is responsible for supervising the daily operation of the organization at the National Headquarters in Kansas City. This includes administering financial affairs, clarifying Auxiliary policy and supervising 10 staff members. She also serves as a liaison for the National Officers.

George Martin – Director of Accounting

George is responsible for the oversight of accounting, auditing, human resources, information technology, membership dues processing, payroll, risk management and taxes for the organization.

Janice Criswell – Director of Administrative Services

Janice coordinates the National President’s schedule and verifies documentation for Disciplinary Actions. She also handles special orders for cancellations, suspensions and consolidations.

Amanda Cook – Director of Content Development / Editor-in-Chief

Amanda is Editor-in-Chief of VFW Auxiliary Magazine, writes much of the magazine content and is a contributing photographer for the publication. She is also a copy editor for special projects, does speech and script writing, and coordinates video production for the national organization.

Shelden Moon – Accountant

Shelden is responsible for the processing of accounts payable, accounts receivable, deposits, membership, bonds and delegates. She also assists with callers and visitors.

Alisa Jones – Travel Coordinator

Alisa assists callers and visitors, updates member information, processes installation reports, delegate reports, event registrations and travel expenses.

Wendy Akers – Programs Awards Administrator

Wendy handles award processing and maintains records for all National Programs and Scholarships.

Maria Royer – Communications Coordinator

Maria works with the National Ambassadors to communicate National Program goals and initiatives to Department Chairmen and the general membership. She is also the VFW Auxiliary VAVS National Certifying Official communicating and maintaining records for VAVS and AJRs.

Heidi Blake – Programs & Communications Administrative Assistant

Heidi assists callers and visitors, creates and updates bios, and sends out Official Visit information.