Jan Passmore
National Secretary–Treasurer

Appointed by National President Sandi Kriebel, Jan is responsible for supervising the daily operations of the organization at National Headquarters in Kansas City. This includes clarifying Auxiliary policy and supervising 10 staff members. She also serves as a liaison for the National Officers.

She is a Life Member of Corunna Auxiliary 4005 located in Corunna, Mich. She has been actively involved in the organization since joining on the eligibility of her father, Orvel Walter, a World War II U.S. Navy veteran on November 21, 1978. Jan’s brother, Barry Walter, is a Vietnam U.S. Army veteran, and a semi-retired Veteran’s Service Officer.

She has served as Auxiliary and District President, and served as Department of Michigan Treasurer from 1998-2016. As Department Treasurer, Jan oversaw the operating funds, restricted funds, investments and contracts with hotels for services to the Department during Council of Administration/Conference meetings and Conventions. Jan was appointed by former VFW Auxiliary National Secretary-Treasurer Jan Owens to serve on the Membership and Auxiliary Leadership Technology Access (MALTA) committee in 2016.

Jan is a Life Member of the VFW National Home for Children. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baker College, and graduated magna cum laude. Jan’s major was in computer information systems with a minor in accounting. She worked for the Department of Michigan VFW from 1996-1998 in Administrative Support processing VFW dues to National Headquarters. Jan also worked for Transitional Health Services from 1993-1996 as an administrative assistant and event planner for large group meetings.

Jan and husband, Brian, have four children and nine grandchildren.